What are “Soul paintings”?

These are created by channelling the energy or soul of the people who commissioned them, hence their name. They are a mirror of a person’s true essence and a living consciousness that supports us and participates in our evolution.

A Soul Painting will act as a catalyst helping us to identify, develop and use our talents, open our hearts and minds or as an aid to help us heal our inner wounds.

Soul paintings facilitate a seamless integration between our cells, body, conscience, resonance and soul. They bring a new state of being.

Ordering a Soul painting expresses the desire and agreement to give control to your soul to act fully within the material world and your body so as to realise the potential of your life. When we welcome this essence of light to act in us, unexpected events may occur. It is important not to expect anything but to let the unexpected flow. This will allow us to overcome the obstacles of our thoughts and the mental conditioning that keeps us from reaching out the luminous essence within us.

Each painting is an entirely personal work, corresponding only to the person who commissioned it. It will never be reproduced.

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