Exhibitions of Sacred resonance paintings

Visiting a Sacred resonance painting exhibition will open your consciousness. Visitors feel attracted to certain paintings which invoke a resonance within them. This resonance provokes a liberation which materialises in the form of deep emotions, feelings of joy and profound peace, tears, songs or spontaneous dances, sometimes in bodily reactions, all of which result from the decrystallisation of emotions through the contact with the higher planes of light. There is an exchange between the painting’s living conscience and you.

Some people hear messages or will recognise resonances felt elsewhere, such as in highly sacred places or any other place that has particularly touched us.

All that is experienced in an exhibition can then be experienced again through a single painting that you choose. The journey can continue alone with one particular painting.

What is experienced in an exhibition can be continued alone with a particular painting of your choice. One should be careful to give free rein to that part of us sensitive to the painting’s resonance and not to let one’s consciousness intervene.

Please note that your acquisition of a sacred resonance painting will allow anyone in contact with it to benefit from its emanation of healing. It will emanate for you and your loved ones to the extent of their willingness to receive it.

For dates of upcoming exhibitions, please check the News page.

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